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US brand focus - How to get House of Lashes in the UK

How I shop House of Lashes from the UK

HOL is an online eyelash brand located in California. They offer hand made 100% sterilised premium human hair and creulty free synthetic fiber lashes. If you, like me, spend a decent amount of time watching YouTube beauty gurus, you will have almost certainly heard of House of Lashes. Their Iconic lashes are a favourite of many. Sadly for us lash lovers in the UK they are a US based brand (insert cry face Emoji here). However, there is hope - they do ship internationally. So if you want to know how to get House of Lashes in the UK, please keep reading ....

Shipping options to the UK

House of Lashes offer three types of international shipping to the UK; standard, priority and express;
  •  Standard shipping costs $7.95 - at an exchange rate of approximately 1.4, that translates to roughly £5.60 - this option has no tracking information and delivery times of 15-30 business days.
  • Priority shipping costs $11.95 - with the same exchange rate as above that translates to roughly £8.50. This option comes WITH tracking information and delivery estimates of 7-14 business days.
  • Express shipping is a whopping $34.95 - again with an exchange rate of 1.4 that translates to £24.90. Again this option offers tracking information and delivery estimates of 3-6 business days.
I personally think that these prices are pretty good value for money as the products are coming all the way from California (and because of the love they put into each package, more on that later), especially when you consider the cost of postage in the UK. However, I am yet to pay shipping when ordering from House of Lashes, how you ask? By waiting for free shipping promotions. HOL regularly offer amazing promotions - I think my first order was 20% off as well as free shipping world wide. These promotions are often advertised on both their Instagram and their newsletter (this also offers 10% off your first purchase when you sign up).

Photo credit - House of Lashes

My experience with HOL

I have ordered from HOL twice now, both times I was happy with the service I received. On both occasions I received free STANDARD shipping and both times took around 30 business days to get to me. I didn't really mind because I hadn't paid for shipping, however, if you had paid it is a little slow but again, it is being shipped from the US. Both orders were handed to Royal Mail once in their destination country and delivered with my normal post. I received NO customs charges for either orders.


As I mentioned earlier HOL packaging is so cute!! You know when you see bloggers/YouTubers open PR packaging and they're just really well put together? Well HOL puts that effort in to every package. They include little thank you cards, confetti, cute tissue paper and stickers to keep it in place and guides to their products such as lash stencils so you can measure your eye and see if you need to trim the lashes before you apply. It may not sound like much but honestly, to me, packaging is key and they really do put a lot of love in to every package, regardless of size or cost.

What I purchased 

House of Lashes Iconic's

I ordered a pair of their Iconic lashes and a Lash Story in rose gold. I wear eyelashes almost every day, they are 100% just another step in my make up routine. Because of this, I have lashes everywhere - its quite common for me to find them randomly floating around the house. I have been looking for a good storage solution forever; something that will keep paired, will keep their shape and, most importantly, something to stop me from loosing them. The HOL Lash Story does just that. The case holds 10 pairs of lashes and has two spaces to hold the HOL mini glues - this is next on my list to try as it is meant to be amazing! Its perfect for both everyday use and travelling - squashing eyelashes in my suitcase and leaving them in hotel rooms is another issue of mine. The Lash Story is available directly from their website for $14. As for the Iconic's, they look stunning, however I am yet to wear them as I have been saving them for my graduation (bring on next month) so I am unable to comment on how they wear. If they live up to the reputation they have within the beauty community I think I'll be in for a treat. Again they can be purchased directly through their website for $12.

My Lash Story before it was filled
At the moment I only keep lashes I have already worn in it

*The Lash Story is now available in pro edition and houses 20 pairs of lashes 

Have you tried anything from HOL? What did you think? Or perhaps you've tried another awesome eyelash brand? Let me know in the comments section.

Thank you so much for reading,
Jay Xo

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