Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sephora in the UK??

Sephora in the UK??

So the UK beauty community is currently losing its shit at the rumored UK Sephora. When I first saw the news, I was among those jumping for joy. I had spent years watching YouTube videos watching all these guys and girls revealing the most amazing products from amazing brands that I'd never seen or heard of, all from their black and white striped bags sent straight from the gods. So when we planned a trip to the US I thought all my dreams had come true ...
And they had!! Lets be honest, those of us lucky enough to have visited a Sephora in the US know that they don't disappoint, they are everything you ever dreamed of and so much more. Every time I see that little white squiggle my heart skips a beat and my bank account cries out loud. So to FINALLY have this in the UK would be great right??

As it turns out, probably not so much - don't exile me from the beauty community yet, let me explain myself.

I was reading through the thousands of tweets from excited UK beauty junkies, when I came across one from The Sunday Girl that said something along the lines of 'was she the only one not hyped that Sephora was coming to the UK'. No jokes, I literally read it about 5 times thinking I'd read it wrong. How could one of my favourite beauty bloggers not want Sephora? I scrolled through the comments and saw loads that mirrored my reaction (OMG WHY?!?) but her reasoning was pretty solid. It got me thinking about what a UK Sephora would actually mean.

It wouldn't be the same

 As much as I wish it would it just wouldn't. There are multiple brands that make Sephora what it is, some of these brands don't sell here for a reason - like costs!! and others are already available in the UK exclusively elsewhere (like Kat Von D in Debenhams). It wouldn't be that every brand in one place like it is in the US. Also, what makes you think it would sell the same products? Take Anastasia Beverly Hills for example; a lot of her products can already be found in the UK through online retailers but they still don't stock their full range. Not because they don't want to but because they can't, so why would Sephora be any different?

Have any of you ever visited a French Sephora? I have. I'll never forget the excitement I felt when I saw it and the crushing disappointment when I went in. It was largely fragrance and Sephora own brand alongside Benefit, Urban Decay Etc (both great brands but already widely accessible here in the UK). It was more like a Boots beauty hall than a Sephora.

It's going to be so much more expensive

Lets be real for a moment, every time I get to the checkout (in store and on line) and see my total I die a little inside at the realisation that I've picked make up over food and electric again BUT this doesn't mean that we're not getting a bargain. Sales tax in the US is waaaay lower than the UK, plus a good exchange rate means that things work out so much cheaper. If it came to the UK prices would go up, there's no doubt about it. Once again we'd be left envious of the US beauty junkies getting more bang for their buck.

The novelty would wear off

Am I saying I'd get bored of being able to pop to Sephora when ever I wanted? Definitely not, that's life goals!! However, the novelty would wear off, the excitement would eventually die and I'd become consumed by debt.

For now I think I'm happy to shop Sephora on line and spend hours making wish lists for when I'm back in the US (under 60 day's now ahhh). 

What do you guys think? Sephora in the UK, yay or nay?

Jay Xo


  1. I personally am really hopeful for Sephora coming to the uk even if the prices go up I think it's mainly for the Sephora branded products especially the masks! My sisters dad sometimes works in westfiesds fixing thing (not actually sure what he does ��) so I've asked him if he could find out for me �� -xo

  2. I do love their masks but aside from those a lot of the Sephora brand stuff is over priced. I just worry that it's potentially going to disappoint so many people and could mess with international shipping, so we'd be worse off.
    Definitely keep me updated if you hear any moreXo


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