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Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

So I had hoped to get this up at the beginning of December (like so many others *sad face emoji*), however we were in Florida so it just didn't happen.

Christmas is my all time favourite time of year, it always has been. I think its because my parents made it so magical for us kids. We have so many lovely traditions that I now enjoy with my son, so I thought I'd share them with you ...

1. Having a real tree
For as long as i can remember we've had a real tree and a huge real tree at that. My mums house has super high ceilings so they're usually about 6/7ft tall. When I lived in my small flat I tried an artificial tree but absolutely hated it! You just can't beat the smell of a real tree, plus going out and findiung the perfect tree each year is a Christmassy adventure on its own.

2. Christmas lights
We moved to the house my parents still live in when I was around 10/11. It was the first place we had lived where we could really do outside lights and boy does my dad do them. We used to have white lights and a Santa that climbed the roof with a sack full of toys, now we have about 10 sets of multi coloured lights, a 6ft tall minion complete with Christmas hat and candy cane and a 12ft Christmas tree. I can't even begin to compete with that but J and I have some pretty flashing lights around the bay windows.

3. Fish and chips and Christmas lights

Each year we set aside a date to all get together in the car, head to the chippy and drive around the town looking at all the Christmas lights. We have a few that go all out - imagine a snow covered front garden with a river of blue lights and snow covered animals with a santa projection in the window.

4. Christmas Eve Panto
In my 26 years of life I have missed just 1 Christmas eve pantomime. We used to get all dressed up in our new panto/Christmas eve outfit and go to the evening showing. J has been every year since he was born, I can't even imagine Christmas eve without it *Oh no I can't*- I'm excited just thinking about it, this year its Peter Pan.

5. New Pajamas 
Carrying on from the panto, we always came home to new pjs laid out on our beds. Mum says it was because she didn't want us to look scruffy in the Christmas pics. I've J a cracking pair of Elf jammies this year. For the last 5/6 years its been tradition to get into your new Pjs and take a family pic in front of the tree.

6. T'was the night before Christmas
This ones fairly new, although I'm sure mum probably did this with us when we were younger. Every year, after we've put out the milk and cookies, I tuck J up in bed and read him T'was the night before Christmas, and every bloody year there's a manic hunt to find the book as I can never remember where I left it the year before.

7. Getting up at 7am
Now I'm sure that all of us can remember waking up early Christmas morning super excited because Santa had been and the stockings were full, only to realise it was about 3am and we were'nt allowed to get up yet. In our house we were allowed to wake the olds up at 7 and every second dragged. My little sister used to creep into my room with her stocking and we'd calculate exactly how many half an hour friends episodes it would take until it was 7. Then we'd wake up our brother and head straight to mum and dads room. I remember 1 year we went down and they said it was too dark to be 7 already and made us go back upstairs for another hour, I don't think we've ever really forgiven them. 

These days I'm on the recieving end of the 3am wake up calls and I finally understand that actually my mum and dad probably only got a few hours sleep before we went crashing in screaming with excitment.

8. Chocolate for breakfast
Is it really Christmas if you don't eat the chocolate from your stocking or a selection box for Christmas? It always shocks me when people tell me they eat a proper breakfast Christmas day.

9. Dads big dinner
Dad goes all out every year - turkey, lamb, pigs in blankets, roast parsnips and desserts that no-one ever has room for until abut midnight *dribbles*
As I've gotten older this has become my favourite thing about Christmas day.

10. Wearing pjs all day
Does'nt everyone do this?

11. The Boxing Day fry up
I can't think of anything I'd rather do less than hit the Boxing Day Sales. To me, it's all about spending time with the family. In the morning we have a fry up fit for a king. J has already planned to try and beat the record he set last year for most sausages eaten.

For years I just assumed everyone did all of these things then one year my friend tells me that she had to wait until after dinner to open her presents - the horror!! I'd love to hear how your family celebrates and if you have any cute little traditions.

I hope you all have the BEST Christmas!!
Jay Xo

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