Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Get to know me

Get to know me

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find it hard to make a connection with beauty bloggers. Sure we bond over our love of makeup and I enjoy reading their reviews etc but there's only so much you can find out about someones personality in a post on their favourite red lipstick (mines Russian Red by Mac btw).
Unlike most 'about me' sections I don't feel any pressure to be interesting or funny or seem like I actually have a social life. I'm not trying to Elle Woods my way into Harvard or impress an employer. It's surprising how much more naturally this comes when you're not having to try and sell yourself. So if you'd like to get to know me a little better, please keep reading ...

The Basics
I'm 26 years old. I live in a small town in South East England. I currently work on a high street beauty counter. I graduated from the university of Brighton summer 2016 with a degree in Criminology and Social Policy and one day hope to work in the probation service. I am a single parent to my 9 year old son who is my entire world. I could honestly gush on about him all day, he's so kind and caring and smart and funny - he is my best friend! There's no one on this earth that I'd rather spend my time with.

I adore Disneyland, for me it really is the happiest place on earth. If I could wear mouse ears all year round I would. Disneyworld was my families first big trip abroad and we've not stopped going back ever since. We've been to Florida, Paris and California and love them all. We've made the most amazing memories there that will last us a lifetime - like the time we went for New Years and just as my dad warned us it was slippery I fell on my fucking arse, right outside the castle.

America is my favourite place to travel to. Think about it, they have Sephora and Disney and the food is amazing. I love that every place you go is completely different from the last. There's so many places I'd love to go - Vegas, New Orleans, Memphis, Washington DC, San Francisco, the list is endless.
I was lucky as a kid my parents took us to a few different places and I want to do the same for my son. So far we've been to Paris, Florida, California and New York together. He wants to go to Hawaii next - no pressure aye!

My perfect day
A perfect day for me is a chilled one. It starts with not being woken up by an alarm, not having to do the school run or get up early for work. Instead we spend the day in comfy pjs, either in bed or on the sofa with a blanket or 5, plenty of junk food and Netflix. OMG it sound like heaven doesn't it.

Favourite films
Movies are my life, I enjoy nothing more than chilling out with a good movie. Some of my favourites are films from the 80s - Jaws, The Goonies, Teenwolf, Back to the Future, ET etc. Christmas films are another firm favourite, I start watching them in September and force myself to stop in January.
Comedies are definitely my genre though; Pineapple Express, Grown Up's, Step Brothers, Mean Girls, Mrs Doubtfire, This Is The End, Mr Deeds - Basically anything with Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Kevin James and Will Ferrel I'm there. Oh and anything Disney of course.

TV Shows
Since the invention of Netflix I don't tend to watch much TV but when I do it's either The Simpsons or Big Bang Theory.

My two favourite artists of all time are Eminem and Elvis Presley - you can imagine how big the E section of my Itunes library is. I've always been a Hip Hop kind of girl but proper Hip Hop from the 90's. Dre, Snoop, 2pac, NWA, Wu Tang, Biggie, DMX, Ice Cube, Jay Z none of this modern wanna be crap (how old did I just sound). On the flip side I love music from the 50's and 60's; Elvis's early stuff is my favourite and I love Johnny Cash!!

Like how do you even narrow down your favourite food when its all so good? Pizza is pretty close to the top of the list I guess, alongside cheesy garlic bread.

  To sum myself up I'd say I'm a bit of a sarcastic twat that tries to find humour in every situation. I quote movies way too much, use the dog face filter way to often and hate washing my hair. When people ask the question cats or dogs I just pretend to find it a tough one, the truth is I don't really like either, their fur makes me sneeze. More often or not you'll find me in my pjs no matter the time of day and my dream job is to become a rich kid of Beverly Hills or failing that a real housewife of the OC.



  1. Your perfect day is my perfect day, seriously! I love anything Disney too! X

    Lauren x Huggled

    1. Any day that starts without an alarm is going to be a good day but no alarm and Disney films all day is going be a great day! x

  2. This was such a good read haha! Nice to see an indepth about me section xx

  3. This is such a good post idea! Elvis Presley is one of my fave artists too - I actually have a print of him in the Jailhouse Rock video on my bedroom wall!
    -El x

  4. Thank you!! Ah, always nice to meet a fellow Elvis fan. Jailhouse Rock is one of my favourites. My house phone plays it when it rings and has an Elvis that dances on top haha xx


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