Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The £6 Pressed Pigments

Morphe Pressed Pigments
As soon as I saw Nikkie Tutorials and Carli Bybel talking about these, I knew I needed them in my life. They were super pigmented, a decent size and affordable - sounds too good to be true right? Wrong, they are everything I had hoped they would be and more ...

I ordered mine from Beauty Bay, a UK Morphe Brushes stockist. As they were Morphe I knew that they'd be good quality at affordable prices. The first five that I purchased were £5.50 each but Beauty Bay have now raised the price to £6 - in my opinion this is still a great price. As always with Beauty Bay they arrived within 48 hours of ordering.

The two colours I desperately wanted (Champagne Nights and Untamed) were out of stock, so I had a look at some of the other colours on Instagram and found some more I liked the look of to try out. I opted for Gold Digger, 5 Star Luxury, Kill The Lights, Gossip Girl and Designer Everything.

-Since this post was written both Champagne Nights and Untamed have been back in stock. No wonder Nikki and Carli Bybel were raving about these shades, they are stunning.

I literally couldn't recommend these enough. My son was kind enough to lend me his arm for swatches but the photos honestly don't do them justice. They are so buttery and so pigmented (well duh they are pigments) and blend like a dream. When applied to the eye with damp brush they pop even more. Even after my 9 hour work day they were still going strong.
L-R, Gold Digger, 5 Star Luxury, Kill The Lights, Gossip Girl, Designer Everything

I'm definitely going to be adding more to my collection soon. Have you tried them yet? What are your favourite colours?

Jay Xo



  1. Wow these look amazing. So affordable too! Might have to have a browse on Beauty Bay (this could be dangerous!) kill the lights and gossip girl are my favourites!
    Katie Xo

    1. They are so good!! Haha, every visit to Beauty Bay is dangerous for me. I just can't help myself Xo

  2. These colours are gorgeous they are so pigmented!

    Lauren x Huggled

  3. These are stunning! I need them!
    She Blushes

  4. Oohhhh these shades look lovely! xxx

    1. They are really lovely! So pigmented. Just don't drop them or they smash in to a million bits haha xx


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