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Worth The Hype - Barry M

Barry M Matte Me Lip Kits

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere these days thanks to brands like Dose of Colors, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kylie Cosmetics. I can not get enough of them BUT good quality liquid lipsticks aren't the easiest things to get hold of in the UK, especially in the drugstore. So when I saw all the hype over the Barry M lip kits I knew I had to give them a go ...

The limited edition Matte Me lip kits come in three shades - Go To, Pose and Runway. They cost £6.99 each and contain one liquid lipstick and one lip liner. 

First impressions
The lip liner smelt very strongly of wood which was a bit off putting. It wasn't creamy like the Kylie lip liners but it didn't drag or feel too drying either. The colour pay off was good and it applied evenly. When it came time to apply the liquid lipstick I noticed that the liner was quite a bit darker than the actual product.

The liquid lipstick itself smells slightly fruity but isn't over powering. When first applied its quite wet (but that's how I like my liquid lipsticks) but it dries quickly. It applied well and once dry it did match the liner a lot better. It felt very comfortable on the lips and lasted ALL DAY LONG! I only had to re apply once after lunch but even then it hadn't completely worn off.   

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting to like them. I've tried a few drugstore liquid lips and have been very disappointed; they either don't dry, aren't matte or are crusty and patchy AF! However, I really like these products, after trying one shade I went out and brought the other two lip kits and one of their Matte Me singles. Although the lip kits are limited edition, my local Boots still had plenty in stock and they are still available on line. This isn't just a great product for £6.99, its a great product full stop. The Barry M Matte Me Lip Kits are definitely worth the hype.

I compared them to some of my other liquid lipsticks to see if I could find any dupes and I think I found some pretty close matches.
L-R, Kristen, Posie K and Runway - Khlo$ and Minimalist - Pure Hollywood and Pose - Candy K and Go To

Runway - When I first swatched this in the shop it looked super pink but it dries down to such a nice colour. I found this one the hardest to match, Kylie Cosmetics Kristen is slightly too red and Posie K is slightly too pink but you can only really see it when you get up close and personal.

L-R - Posie K, Runway and Kristen

Go To - this was probably the easiest one I found to dupe. the shade is so close to the Kylie Cosmetics shade Candy K, however, the liners on the two kits do not match at all. Kylies liner is a much truer reflection of the actual liquid lipstick where the Barry M is much darker. 
Barry M Go To and Kylie Cosmetics Candy K

Pose - As hard as I tried I couldn't find a Kylie match for Pose, although it is a nude its more of a pink based nude rather than a brown. The closest thing I had in my collection was Pure Hollywood by Anastasia Beverly Hills (excuse how beat up mine is, I've had it for years). The colour isn't an exact match as Pose is still a tad pinker but that's why this shade is my favourite in this collection - because I actually don't have anything like it!
Barry M Pose - ABH Pure Hollywood

Minimalist - This is one of their permanent Matte Me singles, meaning that you do not get a lip liner with it. I brought this on a bit of a whim really as when I brought the lip kits Boots had an offer on where you got a free gift when you spend over £7 on Barry M and the kits are £6.99 - super annoying!! However, the formula is the same as the lip kits and I really like the colour (its nude so of course I like it). The closest match I found for this one was Khlo$ from the Kylie Cosmetics KoKo Kollection. £4.99 Vs the $39.99 plus £20 customs I paid for the KoKo Kollection seems like a no brainer to me (plus the Khlo$ one is hard AF to photograph).

Khlo$ and Minimalist
Free Molten Metal when you spent over £7 on Barry M at Boots

For a chance to win my favourite lip kit, Pose, head over to my Twitter and follow and retweet

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Have you tried them yourself? What did you think? Do you have any other drugstore favourites?

Jay Xo


  1. I love the new Barry M Matte Me Up range!!!!! I bought the matte lip kit in shade Runway as well! And I bought the matte me up lip paint in shade Embellish. I like to mix the two shades together. You can read my post on that here:

    I agree with you though - the matte me up lip products are definitely worthy purchases.


    1. Ooo I've not seen embellish, I'll definitely check out your post 😍 I was so surprised at just how much I liked them Xo


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