Sunday, May 7, 2017

Pretty Little Liars

Unanswered Questions

What the fuck PLL - we only have 6/7 episodes to go until you are over forever and we are still no closer to knowing who the hell A.D. is!! In fact there are so many questions that I NEED to know the answers to (warning do not read any further if you are not up to date) ... 

Who id A.D.?

Where did they learn to make latex masks like that?

Who Killed Mrs D?

Where the hell is Mary Drake?

Why is Spencer's dad still stuck in customs with those passport issues?

Where are Wren and Melissa?

Are they actually involved?

Or are we just done with them completely now?

Who killed Charlotte?

Who the hell is Charlotte's dad?

Is he A.D.?

Why was Archer pretending to be a doctor?

What was that whole Adison thing about?

Why do these girls keep splitting up and heading into creepy places knowing what usually happens to them?

Did Noels head really need to roll down the stairs?

Why did he kill Sarah?

What did she find out?

Why are you bringing back old characters everyone had forgotten about? Sydney? Holden?

I know they're meant to be adults now, but where have all their families gone? Are Emily's mum, Aria's mum, dad and brother and Hannah's mum all stuck in passport control with Mr Hastings?

What happened to the girl from the coffee shop Emily was seeing? 

Are Ezra and Nicole getting back together?

Will Aria and Jason get together?

Or Aria and Holden perhaps?

Why do these girls never think to check if they are being watched as they are digging up bodies?

What happened to the awesome Halloween episodes?

Why is Alison such a dick?

Why is A.D. paying for Jenna's eye surgery?

Did Caleb and Spencer really need to hook up?

Will Spencer and Toby get back together now?

Why does Aria think shes bad all of a sudden, twisting peoples arms back and threatening them in an alley way? (its like that time Toby wore a Du-rag all over again)

Was Toby and Yvonne's wedding THE wedding we were expecting?

Or will one of the girls get married too?

The only thing I know for sure is we are 100% going to be left with unanswered questions and that kills me!!! 

I'd love to know what questions you guys have been left with or any theories of who you think A.D could be or if my mind has skipped over anything that could answer any of my questions - help a girl out and leave them in the comments.

Jay Xo



  1. I agree with all these questions, hoping they will tie it all together at the end and not leave me with any questions!
    I really didn't understand that Adison stuff and how did Aria know all that computer stuff last episode and fight Sydney, very suspicious!!
    Kate Xx

  2. Omg yes �� She learnt to be a hacker in just one morning (loved her jacket that episode though). As much as I need to know who A.D is I need to know what happens after as well. I really hope they don't end it in the reveal xx


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