Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pretty Little Liars

Part 2

Holy shit! Pretty Little Liars are FINALLY giving us answers. After last weeks post (PLL unanswered questions) I have literally spoken to anyone that would listen about who A.D. could possibly be and we built some pretty solid theories - that was until this weeks episode ...

Lets talk theories

So, I had managed to convince myself that A.D. was none other than Aria. Let me explain;

  • She somehow learnt to be a hacker in one morning - listening devices, trackers and cloning phones 

  • When you think about it, nothing that bad has happened to her compared to the others - her dad had an affair, Ezra hooked up with Alison and used her to write his book on Ali's disappearance and Nicole came out of the jungle 

  • I think the thing that fully convinced was a theory from Sarah. We all know that Aria and Jason had a thing, well what if they secretly got married? Aria would have become Aria Dilaurentis or A.D.

  • Plus Jason has motive to kill Charlotte - she was his sister and used him to get close to their family, she kidnapped him and his dad and made Ali and Aria's lives hell - Damn it, even as I'm writing this I'm convincing myself further!

or is this theory to easy? Does it make to much sense? We all know PLL like to through out curve balls or seemly just pull stuff out of their arse.

I was talking to a friend of mine about this theory and joked that, knowing the PLL writers, A.D would end up being a waitress from Radley or Hannah's mums old vicar boyfriend so when Ted opened the door in this weeks episode I was screaming!!!

Our questions answered

Not only is Ted back but he's answered a few of the questions from last weeks post; 

He is Charlotte's dad and Mary Drake has been sleeping on his sofa all along. 

Surprisingly, this episode answered quite a few of my questions -

Mary Drake killed Mrs D

Mr Hastings has been home all along, not stuck in passport control

Apparently Arias family still live in their house and we've just not seen or heard anything from them

Sabrina, the girl from the coffee shop Emily was seeing, got a new job in Atlanta.

Sydney is back as one of A.D.s pawns 
BUT it also raised a lot of questions - 

How exactly is Lucas involved? 

Why is Mary in hiding?

Will Aria betray her friends and join A.D.?

What does A.D. have on Sydney?

Is Ali's baby really Emily's? 

If Emily was the egg donor is Archer really the father?

How did Ali even spot that puzzle piece in the baby shop?

What will Hannah's next turn be?

Has this weeks episode put an end to your theory or has it given you a piece of the puzzle? I'm dying to know who A.D. is, leave me your theories below.

Jay Xo


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  1. Personally I'm so confused who AD is!! Before 7B started I had a hunch that it was Spencer, but her and Ali seem to be being terrorised by AD so I'm just not sure anymore! Your theory actually makes a lot of sense xx


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