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My Anastasia Beverly Hills Collection

Anastasia Beverly Hills Collection

Anastasia Beverly Hills

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (shameless plug) you'll already know just how OBSESSED I am with Anastasia Beverly Hills. I honestly can't put in to words how much love I have for this brand, Brow Wiz literally changed my life!! I love the products, I love Anastasia, I love Norvina, I love the brands ethics, I love their ad campaigns, I love how inclusive they are and I love their creativity - I'll stop now as this post is way overdue as it is, so if you want to see what I've hoarded over the past couple of years (warning, there's a lot of it) then please keep reading ... 

Brow products
I use ABH brow products every single day, I outline my brows with the Brow Wiz, fill them in with the Brow Powder and set them with the clear Brow Gel. I've tried the Dip Brow and the Brow Definer but found that the above just work better for my brows.
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Foundation and concealer 
I was so excited that I was in the US when the stick foundation was released so I could actually try them out and find my colour in Sephora rather than trying to guess from Instagram pictures. I went for Porcelain and think its a pretty good match. I can't really give my opinion on this yet as I don't feel like I've used it enough to make an informed decision - I will say it didn't last too well in the Florida heat. The concealer I actually got super cheap in a Beauty Bay sale, I've only used it a couple of times so I'm still testing it out but I really like it for carving out the brows.

Contour kits
ABH is the OG when it comes to contour palettes. Everyone and their mother jumped on Instagram and Twitter to rave out the original powder palette so of course I had to try it. I've had mine a good few years so its beat up AF but its still going strong. I recently purchased the refill pans for the two contour shades I use the most. I do have the cream contour kit in light but cream contour isn't really for me. I might give it a go on special occasions but in general I don't bother with it.

contour kits


Modern renaissance

OMG if you've ever tried a ABH eyeshadow you'll understand why I love them so much. They are so pigmented, so buttery and so easy to blend. I have three of their eyeshadow palettes; Self Made, Modern Renaissance and the Master Palette by Mario. I also have a few of their single shadows in the shades Fawn, Burnt Orange, Fudge, Henna - who doesn't love a warm brown?

Fudge, Sienna, Henna anastasia beverly hills eyeshadows

Liquid lipsticks
The formula of these liquid lipsticks are one of my favourites. The colour pay off is amazing, they dry quickly, they last all day and are super comfortable on the lips. The shades I have are ; Pure Hollywood, Electric Coral, Vintage, Potion, Ashton, Alison, Soft Lilac, Dusty Rose and Veronica.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipsticks


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkits

I feel like these beauties deserve a blog post of their own - actually that's not a bad idea, look out for a review and swatch post in the near future. I have collected seven of the Glowkits - Gleam, That Glow, Moonchild, Sweets, Nicole Guerriero and Aurora. The only reason I don't have Sundipped and The Ultimate Glow is because they're too dark for my skin tone so I just wouldn't use them. If you are considering getting a Glowkit, do it! Obviously Moonchild and Aurora are a little more out there colour wise but that is why I love them, I have nothing else like them in my collection. My favourites are Sweets and the Nicole Guerriero.

highlighters, glowkits, anastasia beverly hills
moonchild and aurora glowkit
Aurora glowkit

Nicole Guerriero glowkit

So that's it, that's my Anastasia collection. I'm sure it will continue to grow; I want to build up my single shadows and liquid lipsticks and Norvina has has been teasing us with the new palette and single shadows on her Snapchat lately so I just know I'll 'need' those to. I know I've said it a million times during this post but I really do have so much love for ABH, for me they are my ride or die brand and their products are such high quality.

What are your favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills Products?

Jay Xo



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  2. This is one impressive ABH collection, I have so far only tried the Dip Brow and Gleam Glow Kit, but I love them. I have to try their liquid lipsticks, they look stunning!

    1. Definitely try their liquid lipstick, they're one of my favourite formulas x

  3. What a gorgeous collection! I love ABH, especially the glow kits, and after this post I have definitely added some to my wishlist! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. I adore ABH �� I think the glow kits are my favourite too ... or maybe their shadows. It's just all so good x

  5. This is such a cool collection you have here!! It's like you own most of the shop, haha :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Haha, there's still so much I haven't tried and am dying to. I'm such a sucker once I find something I like I want it all xx

  6. This is probably the most impressive ABH collection that I've ever seen! The look of the liquid lipsticks are amazing I will have to try and get one x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    1. They're so nice. The only downside is that the packaging gets pretty scratched up if you just chuck them in your bag (like I do) xx

  7. Where did you get your glow kits? I'm looking for sweets and gleam but I can't find them anywhere in the UK :( xx

  8. I got Sweets when I was in America and ordered Gleam when it was first released from the US ABH website. They were both limited edition though so that might be why. I'm sure either cult beauty or beauty bay still had Gleam fairly recently. Have you tried the UK ABH website for Sweets? Xx


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