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Confessions of a retail worker

Confessions of a Retail Worker

This August marks my one year anniversary of working in retail and I've honestly hated every minute of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to have a steady income but the crap retail workers have to put up with is unreal. Here just a few of my pet hates that I experience on a daily basis ... 

The rudeness of some people is crazy, I genuinely think they'd have better manners if they were raised by wolves in the jungle. Just because I work in retail does not mean that I am beneath you!! 

When I say hello to you, would it really kill you to say hello back or even crack a smile? 

Do you really need to snatch your bag? I ain't trying to keep your Femfresh doll.

If there's an empty till why on earth are you going to stand there with your basket waiting to pay? Find a till that has someone standing behind it!!

Shouting 'is anyone serving' at the top of your voice is not going to get you served. Get in the queue like everybody else.

I know there's a big queue, it's lunch time and there's only 3 staff members in - we'd like to have more staff too you know.

If its cheaper somewhere else then buy it somewhere else, I don't decide store prices.

3 for 2 means exactly what it says! 3 items for the price of 2 

'Does this mean I get 3 for £2?' no huns they're a tenner each, why would we give you 3 for £2?

No, you can't just ask me a quick question. I'm with another customer - wait your bloody turn!

Would you like a bag? 'Are they free?' No, they're 5p the same as everywhere else.

Whilst we are on the subject of bags, I personally did not decide to charge 5p for them so moaning at me isn't going to get you anywhere.


Yes, I've done your card - it is literally my job - I spend all day everyday doing the same thing so why would I forget to do yours?

'I've got a voucher but I left it at home, what can you do about that?' Absolutely fuck all!!

I work on the beauty section so no, I don't know anything about foot powder or hair dye or baby food or your prescription.

'I brought this lipstick a few years ago' AKA BEFORE I WAS BLOODY BORN 'and I want to replace it but it doesn't seem to be on the shelf' 

Sorry it looks like its been discontinued 'well how ridiculous, why have they done that?' DUNNO LOVE, I'M NOT THE CEO OF RIMMEL

'Well is there something similar in a different brand?' How about this one? ITS A PERFECT MATCH 'I'm not paying that, this one was only £1.99' YEA 30 YEARS AGO

If you ask me for a tissue to wipe of the swatches you've covered yourself in, then you can ask where the bloody bin is!! 

No, you can't just give it to me, I actually don't want to touch your dirty tissue - I don't want to find it left on the counter or shoved on a shelf either DIRTBAGS

Testers are for testing - STOP OPENING NEW PRODUCTS

When I tell you that you can't paint your nails, don't respond with 'I didn't know, there's not a sign' OF COURSE THERE'S NOT A SIGN, ITS COMMON BLOODY SENSE

Sorry this ones not included in the 3 for 2. 'Yes it is! I'll show you' *gets there and see's the product is quite clearly not in the 3 for 2*

'Why is the 100ml cheaper than the 50ml?' BECAUSE ITS ON OFFER

*See's that I'm drowning in delivery* 'Can I pay here for this toothpaste?' *Looks over and there's literally nobody at the front tills*

*Customer approaches counter* ' I need (insert various things from around the store)' GO AND BLOODY GET IT THEN I'M NOT YOUR PERSONAL SHOPPER

When ringing the store to talk about your prescription, press the extension for pharmacy not beauty.

When I answer the phone 'Good morning Beauty' that's not your cue to start telling me about your doctors surgery or asking if we sell shampoo for krabs *that one literally made me shiver*

If I am with another customer please do not hover in my face, I will 100% pretend you're not there.

If you've looked for what you came in for and can't find it, I will happily help you look but when you walk through the door and ask me where something is that is clearly not in my department, don't be surprised when I don't have a clue where it is.

'Shall I leave the basket with you?' Yea, I'll just shove that up my arse shall I?

'Wheres the deodorant?' just underneath the huge hanging sign that says DEODORANT

Before I worked in retail, I had no idea that these sorts of people existed. I genuinely think that everyone should be made to work retail for a year for the experience as there is honestly nothing like it. 

Do you work in retail? I'd love to hear your horror stories

Jay Xo



  1. I've done retail for 6 years now, and I relate to every single one of these points. I've done checkouts and am currently on a deli counter - couldn't tell you how many horrible people I've had this week alone! Tania Michele xx

  2. 6 years �� Girl, you deserve a medal!! I just don't understand why people think it's acceptable to be an absolute arse hat to shop workers x

  3. I have never done retail unfortunately. But 6 years, wow. You must be really strong!
    Lauraconteur ♥

  4. I've been working in retail for 7 years and I can relate to so much of this! Especially when they're rude! One I get a lot Is 'can you open more tills?' Yeah let me just magic up more staff 😂
    Steph x

    1. Omg 7 years, you're a saint!! Hahahaha yes, I get asked where everybody is all the time. 'Excuse me but I can't find anybody to ask' that'd be because it's just me pet xx

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