Sunday, August 27, 2017

Help, I'm addicted to Mac Lipsticks

My MAC lipstick collection

mac lipsticks

Finally, I've only been planning this post for a year! I mean can you even call yourself a beauty blogger if you don't have a MAC lipstick post? I should warn you now that this post will probably be on the longer side as lipsticks are my thing so I've hoarded a fair few ... 

MAC lipsticks were my first real high end love. I remember following this girl on Instagram (back in the day when IG was good and you could actually stumble across awesome new accounts to follow) that worked at MAC in the US and she would always post her work makeup of the day and list all the products she had used. One lip combo she wore a lot was Russian Red paired with Brick liner and it looked incredible her so when we went on a family trip to California I knew I had to get it.

My love for these lipsticks spiralled from there. I soon found myself picking them up every time I saw a MAC - much to my son's annoyance, you only have to mention MAC and a look of dread comes over his face. Rite, that's enough chit chat from me, lets get down to the lipsticks ...

N U D E S 

Nude mac lipsticks

From left to right we have;
  • Nouvelle Vougue - matte finish
  • Whirl - matte finish
  • Velvet Teddy - matte finish
  • Brave - satin finish
  • Mehr - matte finish
  • Stone - matte finish
R E D S 

Red mac lipsticks

From left to right we have;
  • Damn Glamourous - matte finish
  • Ruby Woo - matte finish
  • New York Apple - frost finish
  • Runner - matte finish - from the Nasty Gal collection
  • Russian Red - matte finish - this is my original baby all the way from 2014

P I N K S / P E A C H E S

Pink mac lipsticks

From left to right we have;
  • Relentlessy Red - retro matte finish
  • Candy Yum Yum - matte finish
  • Tropic Tonic - matte finish
  • Sweet and Sour - creamsheen finish
  • Please Me - matte finish
  • Sushi Kiss - satin finish

P U R P L E S / B E R R I E S

Purple mac lipsticks

From left to right we have;
  • Diva - matte finish
  • D for Danger - matte finish
  • Captive - satin finish
  • Pick Me! Pick Me! - frost finish
  • Flat Out Fabulous - retro matte finish
  • Heroine - matte finish

D A R K S / G R E E N

Dark mac lipsticks

From left to right we have;
  • Soft Hint - frost finish
  • Cyber - satin finish
  • Black Knight - creamsheen finish
  • Gunner - matte finish - another Nasty Gal lipstick
Now for the best bit ...

L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N

limited edition mac lipsticks

I used to be OBSESSED with MAC limited edition stuff, like I literally would not be able to sleep the night before it came out because I was scared I was going to miss it - I know, what a loser. These days I've slowed right down and only buy them if I genuinely love them.

From left to right we have;
  • Rebel in limited edition Christmas packaging - satin finish
  • Sparks of Romance in limited edition Christmas packaging - matte finish
  • Free as a Butterfly from the Cinderella collection (this is one of the launches I lost sleep over and I've probably only used it once) - lustre finish
  • Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 - matte finish
  • Oxblood from the Toledo collection - matte finish
  • No Faux Pas in limited edition Christmas packaging - matte finish
  • Lady Danger with the red lid - matte finish
  • Haulsey by Haulsey - matte finish
  • Tats from the informous GBV collection (I actually wanted the orange one but this collection literally sold out within minutes of being live and this is all that was left) - matte finish
  • Royal Ball from the Cinderella collection - lustre finish
  • Oblivion from the Rocky Horror collection (the first limited edition lipstick I ever brought) - amplified finish
  • Tumble Dry from the summer Wash and Dry collection - lustre finish
  • Midnight Troll from the Trolls collection (DUH!) - matte finish
  • Opera from the Toldedo collection - matte
  • Viva Glam Miley Cyrus - amplified finish
Well there you have it, I warned you it was going to be a long post. I'm such a sucker for a Mac lippie but who isn't. I have two lots of stuff ready to Back 2 MAC* what lipstick shades do I need to add to my collection?? (I'm a matte finish girl in case you hadn't noticed)

*Back 2 MAC is where you recycle 5 items of MAC packaging (lipstick tubes, empty powders, foundations, concealers, fix+ etc) back to any MAC shop in exchange for a free MAC lipstick.


  1. Same girl, same. I don't have any LE ones though, I could never be bothered with trying to get hold of them, it's always so difficult. Mac online is nearly always sold out and my local stockists are a bit crap!

    xo Millie

    1. That's exactly why I stopped bothering. Its way too stressful getting them online and my closest MAC is over an hour away xx

  2. Oh my goodness lipstick heaven? You have such a good collection. I love MAC lipsticks, this has inspired me to try more, haha!

    1. I've not found another formula that even compares to MAC, so I stick with what I like xx

  3. There's nothing quite like Russian Red, is there? Just goes to show that the classics really don't go out of style! I'm so in awe of your collection!!


    1. I adore Russian Red, I feel so good every single time I wear it. I might wear it to work tomorrow actually xx

  4. Wow, this was just the post I needed to read! I've been looking for the perfect lipstick shade for my school ball and I definitely saw a couple that I really liked in your collection! Great post! :-)

    1. Ah, I'm glad it helped! Let me know what shade you go with xx

  5. What an amazing collection! You have so many beautiful colours, and I really need to slow down with the LE collections!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. The LEs kill me haha, anxiety goes through the roof, especially when they are really hyped up before hand xx

  6. Loved this! Made me feel a little less terrible about my own pretty large collection hahah! Tempted to do an updated collection post! Xx

    Sophie x

    1. You should never feel bad about a collection of lipsticks!! Do you have a collection post? I'd love to see xx


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