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Harry Potter Tag

The Harry Potter Tag

If you know me IRL you will already know what a huge Harry Potter fan I am. We're talking the kind of fan that spent ALL DAY in Diagon Alley (at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando) with a lip liner liner lightning bolt scar on her head, a dark mark tattoo and an interactive wand - literally one of the best days of my life!! So when Sophie asked if anybody wanted to be tagged in this I jumped at the chance ...

Before we start I just want to say that this tag was created by Danielle

What house are you in?

According to Pottermore I am a Hufflepuff, however I think the Sorting Hat would have definitely considered putting me in Slytherin. 

What is your Patronus?

Again, Pottermore, A Tonkinese Cat. I'd like to think I'd have something a bit more exotic, like a Flamingo but I don't know how effective that would be on Dementors.

What is your wand?

Rowan wood with a Phoenix feather core
(The interactive wand I went for was Bellatrix's. I really wanted Lucius Malfoy's but it only came in full cane form and I didn't really fancy trying to explain that to customs).

What would your Boggart be?

I'm with Ron on this one, definitely a spider!!

What position would you play in Quidditch?

Hmm, I'm not really a sporty person, can I join Luna in a lion hat instead?

Would you be a pure blood, a half blood or a muggle born?

I didn't get into HP as a kid. My dad brought me the books but I wasn't that fussed - much to the disappointment of the rest of my HP mad household. It was only when my son turned 4/5 that I really became the HP nut I am today. So because I wasn't immersed in the magic when I was young, I'm going to go for a muggle born that had no idea Hogwarts existed until I got my letter.

What job would you have after graduating Hogwarts?

I think I'd like to join Arthur in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office.

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?

Definitely the invisibility cloak!! I was that kid that was always on the lookout for Bernard's watch so I think the cloak would be a close second.

Favourite book?

Like I said earlier I didn't get into HP until I was older. Although I read the books as a kid I didn't have much memory of them. So I think my favourite book would be the first one that I reread all those years later - The Goblet of Fire. 

(When my son was in year 1 his class were allowed to take a book from the school library home with them for the very first time; the other children all came out with picture books and he'd chosen The Goblet of Fire!)

Least favourite book?

I honestly love them all

Favourite film?

This changes depending on how often we have have watched them recently (fellow parents will get the constant re watching of the same films) but I think I'd have to say The Chamber of Secrets!


Gilderoy Lockheart
Mr Weasley
Lucius Malfoy
'Mummy have you seen my jumper?' 'Yes dear, it's on the cat'

Least favourite film?

Although I've never forgiven them for cutting Hermonie's potions scene from The Philosophers Stone, my least favourite would have to be Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Favourite character?

Agh, this has got to be the hardest question of the lot!! I love Mr and Mrs Weasley, Ron and Fred and George, Hagrid, Neville and Luna BUT I also love Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix and Kreatcher.

Least favourite character?

EASY, Percy Weasley. 

Favourite teacher at Hogwarts?

Hagrid of course 

Least favourite teacher at Hogwarts?


If you could have played any character from the films who would it have been?

Hmm, Luna Lovegood.

Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

Not sure if its that unpopular but I actually really dislike Harry Potter himself.

If you could save one character from the final battle who would it be?

OMG this is so hard! I was literally having this discussion with my family earlier on today (how weird aye!). My first answer was definitely Fred Weasley because imagine how lonely George was after that? The other half of him, this best friend is just gone - insert cry face emoji. However, my dad made the point that saving Tonks or Remus to be with their child would probably be the kindest thing to do but still poor Fred waaaaaa!!

Oh man the tags over already?! I could literally talk/write about my love for Harry Potter all day long.

I tag Jess but if you're a Harry Potter fan and fancy taking a crack at the tag consider this YOUR tag - link me in it because I'd love to read other peoples answers.



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