Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Our Orlando Bucket List - Update

Orlando Bucket List Update

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We've been back from Orlando well over a month now, yet I've not blogged a thing. So I thought why not ease myself back in to writing with a quick update on how we got on with our bucket list ...

If you've not read my original post you can find it here.

The two weeks we were away absolutely flew by and although we had the BEST time there were a few things on the bucket list that we didn't get to tick off-

  • Eat a Kitchen Sink ice cream - this is probably the one that I am most gutted we missed. We didn't realise it was reservation only and by the time we did they only had early morning time slots left. As much as I love ice cream I don't think I could have polished off one of those bad boys before 10am. 

  • Ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - this wasn't a ride that the kid wanted to go on so it wasn't really a priority but we were hoping that we could possibly catch it with a short wait time ... we thought wrong!

  • Buy Halloween Minnie ears - agh, the Halloween merch situation was such a let down!! There was hardly anything left, considering we left a week before Halloween it was pretty disappointing. However, the day before we flew home all of the Christmas merch came out so I brought myself some Christmas ears to make up for it.

  • Eat all the Mickey shaped food - staying off site meant that we didn't really eat inside the parks. I did get a frozen lemonade with a Mickey shaped straw though.

  • Try a Pumpkin Spiced Latte - this one wasn't so much down to time but more the heat. It was far to hot for hot drinks.

Ok, enough with the the disappointment. Lets move on to the things we did manage to do - 

  • Watch Mickey's Boo To You Halloween parade - OMG guys, I think this parade was the highlight of the entire trip for me. I loved every second of it. We had such good seats as we had stayed put after one of the Hocus Pocus shows. My personal favourite were the Haunted Mansion grave diggers.

  • Get free candy at MNSSHP - man, did we get some free candy!! We've still got entire carrier bag worth left now.

  • Watch the Halloween castle show - The Hocus Pocus castle show and Hallo-wishes were a very close second to the Boo To You parade. If you ever get the chance to go to WDW in October, pay the extra to go to a MNSSHP, It was incredible.

  • Ride the Haunted Mansion - this is a firm family favourite so we rode it 2/3 times. It makes Phantom Manor at DLP look like a crappy sea side ghost train.

  •  Get as many Halloween photo pass pictures as possible - We did manage to get a fair few actually. Of course my favourite was the headless horseman.

  • Watch the Happily Ever After fireworks - I can't put in to words how amazing Happily Ever After is, it blows Wishes out of the water. We got to the castle over an hour before it was due to start and it was already swamped, people were pushing and shoving and we managed to lose dad when he popped off to get a quick Starbucks BUT it was so worth it. I stayed away from all of the Youtube/Instagram Videos before we went so it was a total surprise for us and I'm so glad I did, It made it all the more special for us. I wish we could have watched it every night.

  • Meet talking Mickey - we made our fast pass with seconds to spare and I'm so glad we did as the kid was made up with him.

  • Hit Sephora VIB Rouge - couldn't have done this one without the help of my sister. Watch out for a haul post soon.

  • Find Halloween Oreos - finding new oreos is an American family tradition and this year certainly didn't disappoint. We ended up with Salted Caramel Thins, Pumpkin Pie, Mystery Flavour, Apple Pie, Cookie Butter and Mint.

  • Buy a Halloween Christmas decoration - again, we were really disappointed to find that there wasn't really any left. Luckily we managed to get the MNSSHP exclusive 2017 pumpkin decoration.

So there you have it, we managed to do most of our list and the things we didn't will definitely be the top of our list for next time we go. 

If you want to see more pictures from our trip then head over to my Instagram @JayxoBlogs


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